Included Videos

  • Should You DOJO? Doug Redfield & Parminder Singh
    How to Configure and Stand Up a Sustainable Data Governance Program John Ladley
    How to Make Your Leadership Data-Literate John Ladley
    Governing Data Used in APIs Christina Burnett
    Modernizing Your Data Architecture with Data Virtualization Mike Ferguson
    Data Warehouse Modernization Mike Ferguson
    Achieving Data Acumen: Improving Workforce Data Literacy (and Therefore Performance!) Peter Aiken
    Lean Data Modeling for Any Methodology Ron Huizenga
    In (Meta)Data We Trust: Keys to Successfully Building, Managing, and Governing an Enterprise Data Catalog Anthony J. Algmin
    Beyond Data Management: Fostering Data Leadership to Make an Impact Anthony J. Algmin
    Data Quality Assessment and Measurement Laura Sebastian-Coleman
    Better Decisions Require More Than Data and Governance Tony Fish
    Metadata-Driven Architecture for Simplified ETL and Data Curation Susannah Barnes & Sudhamaye Veeramachaneni
    DataOps: The Blueprint for Scalable Enterprise-Wide Analytics Paul Barth
    Geography, Registration, and Ballots: Data Model for an Election David Hay
    DAMA Overview Loretta Mahon Smith
    Not All Metadata Is Equal: A Comprehensive Taxonomy Michael Scofield
    Data Strategy: Foundations for Insight in a Data-Rich World Jason Perkins
    Driving Digital Transformation with Real-Time Master Data Management and Metadata Governance John Lieto
    Why "De-Identification" Will NOT Satisfy GDPR and CCPA Solutions Frank Kadwell
    PII Classification Guidelines: The Business and the Law Robert Mushkatblat & Virginia Mushkatblat
    Ten Key Analytics Best Practices for Business Results Prashanth Southekal
    Data Governance Can Succeed with Small Teams Lowell Fryman
    Data Fabric: Smart Data Engineering, Operations, and Orchestration Dave Wells
    Four Steps to Data Architecture for Modern Analytics Dave Wells
    Scoring a Bull's-Eye: Leveraging Data Catalogs for Data Analytics Bonnie O'Neil
    Data Vault Modeling Glenn Carney & Mitch Hamilton
    Data Management as the Foundation of Digital Transformation Scott Taylor
    Personal Data Ecosystems Gam Dias
    Using Data Governance to Facilitate Data Sharing in Government Agencies Jayne Dutra
    Lessons NOT Learned – Dealing with Habitual Architecture Mistakes Eddie Sayer
    Creating a Standard for a Property Graph Query Language Keith Hare
    The Data Governance Storyteller Michael McMorrow
    Data Governance and Data Leadership: Two Sides of a Coin Anthony J. Algmin & Bob Seiner
    Data Management Training: A Comprehensive Enterprise-Wide Approach Michele Valentini & Franco Francia
    Data Is Not About Technology, It's About People Moises Dueñas Munoz
    What Am I Doing Wrong? (or Right!) – Using Capability and Maturity Assessments to Build Your EDM Roadmap David Kowalski
    Moving the Needle on Data Quality: The Foundational Framework as Implemented by a 110-Year-Old Fortune 500 Company Prathyusha Kanchanam & Brian McDaniel
    5 Reasons Why a Project Manager Could Be Your "Silver Bullet" for Early-Stage Data Governance Challenges Tim Musgrove & Zuad Oropeza
    Analytics Modernization with Cloud Data Platforms Dmitry Anoshin
    Blockchain for the DBA and Data Professional Karen Lopez
    How to Transform Your Organization's Culture to Impact Data-Driven Decisions and Actions Valeh Nazemoff
    Art of Serving the Data Stacie Hall & Sudha Rengarajan
    Conquering the Last Vestiges of Dark Data Speech Recognition Jans Aasman
    Rethink Your Data and Analytics Strategy: 3 Pitfalls Preventing You from Delivering Business Value He-Yu Hua & Braum Nauts
    Data Governance Is Dead, Long Live Data Governance Susan Geuens & Tony Mazzarella
    Data Modernization Journey Claudiu Grecu
    Introduction to Big Data Analytics Infrastructure David Loshin
    Designing Data Models to Accelerate Your AI and ML Investments Ronak Shah
    Best Practices to Initiate and Manage Data Warehouse as a Product Shweta Aroskar
    Evolve Your Data Strategy with Cloud, Hybrid, and Multi-Cloud Architectures John O'Brien
    Data Governance as a Process to Improve Policy Implementation Andrew Chalmers & Prakash Kamath
    A Complete Set of Data Governance Roles and Responsibilities Robert Seiner
    DAMA Awards 2020 Loretta Mahon Smith & Monique Sabourin & Nino Letteriello
    Set Your Fundamental Data Free with an Enterprise Knowledge Graph Helmut Nagy & Stephon Harris
    DAMA in Europe ... Welcome 2020! Nino Letteriello & Peter Vievieen
    CDMP Exam Preparation Workshop Christopher Bradley
    Data Dictionary: DictionaryX Ilker Tufan
    Too Much Tech Talk? A Puppet Service Announcement Scott Taylor
    Walking Map of DMBOK2 – A Bird's-Eye View to the Data Management World Minoru Nakaoka
    Generally Accepted Data Management Principles, V2.0 Susan Earley
    The Business Side of Data and Why It Matters Dora Boussias
    World-Class Metadata Management - Full Life Cycle Roadmap David Marco
    Concept Models: Enabling Your Data to Speak the Language of the Business Ronald Ross
    Building Data Strategy for Success Asha Saxena
    The Enterprise Knowledge Graph: A Flexible Complement to Master Data Management Rob Harris


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